Bassist with an unstoppable groove condensed with seventies-eighties energies with pop rock and funk overtones, here is how to define in a few words the current musical universe of Loris Tils.

Current, because the artist has never hesitated to reinvent himself in order to follow what his creation dictates to him. Besides, at the moment, Loris is working on a solo project which will undoubtedly surprise you once again.

Difficult to calibrate or put in a box this great eclectic musician from La Louvière, in Belgium. One thing is certain, Loris Tils had the wish, after carrying out many musical projects, to return to his first love: improvised creation. Add to that the live aspect as well as a very fine team composed of Patrick Dorcean on drums, Igor Géhénot on keyboard, Xavier Bouillon on synth and Hervé Letor on Saxophone.

They played together for the first time during the month of June 2017 which now sounds like the birth of the risky and a little crazy project of “One Take” !

“One Take II” will see the light of day a few months later but always with the following recipe: interpretations according to the mood of the moment, desires from the public, but also according to the musicians likely to be invited in this evolving and participative project.

If you’re wondering about Loris Tils’s artistic past, hang in there!

Loris Tils Side Man :

  • 2019: Bass player within the Marc Ysaye solo project.
  • 2013-2017: Bass player within the Mister Cover group.

Various replacements and TV appearances with Typh Barrow and Quentin Mosimann.

  • 2009 – 2011: Bass player within the Mr Dupont group.
  • 2005 – 2009: Bass player within the groups Aldo Granato, Ntoumos, Renzo Gotto, Tills.

Loris Tils Leader : 

  • 2021: Solo project.
  • 2017: Leader of the “One Take” concept.
  • 2011-2014: Bass player and musical director within the Loris Tils Project, Six Ways To Funk, Loris Tils and Miguel D’alessandro.