DAWNBREATH is a Thrash Metal band strongly influenced by the NWOBHM.
Created in October 2008, the band quickly spawning a way on the local scene of Liège by balancing his energy and its enthusiasm on the boards. The band is articulated around a duet of aggressive and heavy guitars which already feels sonorities of Metal Old School.
The rhythm section – bass&drums – proposes a strong foundation and powerful base. Thus, a few months only after its creation, Dawnbreath is already based on an excellent live experiment and have a repertoire of compositions which enables the boys to hit the studio to record a first 3 tracks demo.

At the dawn of the autumn 2009, the line-up is deeply reorganized, this period is put at profit to polish the existing titles and to work on new compositions. The group then connects many dates during summer 2010 whole while maintaining a rate regular as regards new creations.
All this work makes it possible to turn over a second time in studio in order to carry out a 6 tracks EP “The First & Last EP” in Noise Factory Studio. As the name of the EP indicates it, the ambition of always further going is there.

The year 2011 is devoted to the promotion of the EP and the members do not cease working in order to lay new compositions between two gigs.
The band starts to be exported: the music, the festival and the bonds of friendship which weave with others bands crown one year rich in all points. It is at this time that shaping the project of the realization of an album for 2012 takes.

Thus, after a deep introspection, Dawnbreath decides to turn over towards its roots. It does not matter the air of time, the group asserts itself of a Metal Old School and does not cease hammering the fundamental ones on scene or in studio. In November and December 2012, Dawnbreath returns
in studio to record its debut album
“Descend the March of Oblivion”.

This last one leaves on January 12th, 2013, he proposes an energy and a honesty to which the group was always attached. The Old School Heavy/Thrash influences are clearly marked while preserving a contemporary musical pproach!

The year 2013 was devoted to the scene.
In 2014, the band goes back to write new stuffs and prepare their second full-length album.
With a slice of thrash-death, the band’s music is now close from Slayer to The Haunted, from Metallica to Machine Head, from Exodus to Gojira, that’s totally increase the musical process which is really amazing to work out.
“Eternal Scourge” Maxi single with two new songs “Sons of the Black Death” and “Legions of Caym” are available for free download on facebook and reverbnation.
The band is still auto-produced and is searching every time for new gigs, selling new merchandising in order to put some money aside and hit the studio again in 2016 for the next record.

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