Kemper Profiles : Dirty Blues/Rock


The official Kemper Invaders Amplification profiles are now available.

Discover our handmade, boutique tube amps through your Kemper, at home, in the studio or on stage.

Without skimping on the quality of our analog tube amps, we also provide them to you in a digital version for all Kemper users. A mixture of studio and merged profiles, they will turbocharge your profile folder with our modern and vintage amps.

All rigs have been made with the utmost attention to detail, blending 2 to 3 carefully chosen and positioned microphones with just the right touch of EQ to make those profiles sound immediately great in the mix !

The goal was to have an awesome starting point and then let you, the user, make any necessary adjustments, bringing forward your and your guitar’s character.

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The Dirty Blues / Rock pack includes a rich and complete palette of 12 unique profiles, of which 10 are available in both “studio” and “merged” versions. To add to that, we also provide 4 special profiles, such as a “telephone filter” crunch and a beautiful spacey delayed clean.

The profiles were done using mostly Invaders cabinets but we also have a special guest in a thundering Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet.

Our goal was to provide you with quality over quantity : a handful of useful tones, made to work together ! Combining High-gain distortions (Metallica, AC / DC…) and crunch / clean profiles (Elvis Presley, Red Hot Chili Peppers…), you will definitely find the right profile for your playing style.

The 3 Invaders Amps guitar amplifiers:

  • 950 Badas (High-gain / EL34) – “studio” and “merged” profiles available
  • 850 Devil (High-gain / 6L6WGC) – “studio” and “merged” profiles available
  • 550 BlueGrass (Single-channel / 6L6WGC) – only “studio”

The following guitar cabinets:

  • Invaders 4×12 (Celestion V30 / T75)
  • Invaders 1×12 (Eminence Legend)
  • Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier (Celestion V30)

The microphones used:

  • Audio-Technica AT4050
  • Beyerdynamic M201
  • Beyerdynamic M88TG
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM7

Recording studio :

Noise Factory – Belgium (Channel Zero, Machiavel, Firewind…), supervised by André Six / Gérald Jans.

Thanks to the guitarists that helped us chase those awesome tones :

  • Pierre Lateur (Black Mirrors)
  • Philippe Baudoul (Phil Quin)
  • Pascal Gonda (Fixator)

550 BlueGrass - Free Profile

Free Kemper profile : (21) 550 BlueGrass Clean : Gorgeous clean, perfect for pedals! With 1×12″ Invaders Eminence Legend

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INVDRS 01 Rock RTM 1 Studio

Big, mean rock tone. Vintage colour with a modern feel.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Mesa


INVDRS 02 Rock RTM 1 Merged


INVDRS 03 Rock RTM 1 Alt Studio

Same feel as RTM1 with a brighter blend of mics.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Mesa


INVDRS 04 Rock RTM 1 Alt Merged


INVDRS 05 Rock RTM 2 Studio

Same big and angry amp as RTM1, this time through V30s in Invaders’ own cabinet. Pure rock vibe.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 06 Rock RTM 2 Merged


INVDRS 07 Rock RTM 2 Alt Studio

Same feel as RTM2 with a brighter blend of mics.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 08 Rock RTM 2 Alt Merged


INVDRS 09 Rock CRNCH Studio

Pure rock’n’roll rhythm tone! Old school voiced amp through V30s, a winning combination.

850 Devil

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 10 Rock CRNCH Merged


INVDRS 11 Rock CRNCH Alt Studio

Dirtier version of CRNCH.

850 Devil

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 12 Rock CRNCH Alt Merged


INVDRS 13 Rock CLN Studio

Warm, tubey clean with just the right amount of breakup and lots of midrange.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 14 Rock CLN Merged


INVDRS 15 Rock CLN Alt Studio

A bit more modern voicing of CLN.

950 Bad’as

4×12” Mesa


INVDRS 16 Rock CLN Alt Merged


INVDRS 17 Rock LEAD Studio

Fat, lush tone with lots of sustain and a warm midrange, make it sing !

850 Devil

4×12” Mesa


INVDRS 18 Rock LEAD Merged


INVDRS 19 Rock LEAD Alt Studio

A bit more bitey, more agressive blend of mics.

850 Devil

4×12” Mesa


INVDRS 20 Rock LEAD Alt Merged


INVDRS 21 Blues CLN Studio

Gorgeous clean, perfect for pedals !

550 BlueGrass

1×12″ Invaders Legend


INVDRS 22 Blues CRNCH Studio

Tasty crunch for your bluesy needs.


INVDRS 23 Telephone RTM2 Mrgd

RTM 2 sound with a telephone-like filter

950 Bad’as

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 24 Telephone CRNCH Mrgd

CRNCH sound with a telephone-like filter

850 Devil

4×12” Invaders Celestion


INVDRS 25 Blues CLN FX Studio

Blues CLN with a battery of lush effects

550 BlueGrass

1×12″ Invaders Legend


INVDRS 26 Rock CLN Alt FX Mrgd

Rock CLN with a battery of lush effects

950 Bad’as

4×12” Mesa


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