Repair & Maintenance

Nothing is beyond repair

At Invaders Amplification,  we carry out a complete check of your amplifier or speakers, or even a complete restoration of them …

Invaders amplification fixes any audio related gear. Here’s what we do.


Clean Pot, Tube testing, BIAS


Diagnostic, soldering, speaker replacement


Electronic mod, carpentry, tolex, grillcloth,...

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Let's fix this

But first, let’s have a look

A thorough check of your equipment is carried out before any intervention. You will receive a detailed estimate of the necessary repair work and if we have the green light, the € 39 is deductible on the repair!

39 €


Prior any repair job

In our Workshop

By appointment for the deposit

Near to you

Drop off point in Fleurus

How to make an appointment?

Online appointment
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– 0032 471 31 16 71


All our repair and fixes have a 6 month warranty* (see conditions)

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