Phil Quin is a Belgian artist and musician, multi-instrumentalist, he is the singer-guitarist of the tribute band Hullabaloo Plays Muse.


Phil Quin entered the active music industry very quickly and began in the professional field at the age of 19.

He builds his experience through several bands such as Leaps (ex-Yel), Naughty Mouse, and as a backup studio musician.

When he was 23, he founded the Modern Music Institute, a platform intended to create a dynamic for the exchange and learning of music in Belgium.

He actively collaborates with Belgian artisans, creators and manufacturers of equipment and instruments in order to showcase their know-how.

At the same time, he shares his experience at Rock’s Cool, Classes du Rock or

at Music Action.

Many collaborations are born from these « crossed roads » and put Phil on more than 300 stages in Belgium, France or the Netherlands.

And now

Phil Quin is taking the road of his personal project which mixes alternative rock and its deep influences (70’s, late 90’s and 00’s, funk & much more).

He also creates his YouTube channel and depicts the life of a musician with humor and passion.