Selector : AmpsCabs


Simple and practical, this selector allows you to connect three amplifiers and three cabinets and to switch from one combination to another.

The 3 jack inputs have a fixed impedance of 22 ohms to protect the tube amps during switching.

When using an 8 Ohm cabinet, the impedance is 5.7 Ohm. A 4 Ohm cabinet, the impedance is 3.3 Ohm.
The best setting is to put the amplifiers at 4 Ohm or 8 ohm output with a 16 Ohm cabinet

It is recommended to use only one Input on the amplifiers at a time. No guitar signal Y boxes.

Amps input jack : Inputs jacks for speaker output head amps (tubes or transistors).
Cabs outputs jack : Outputs jacks for input cabinet.
Amps switch : Select your amp
Cabs switch : Select you cab

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