Since 2014

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

Launched on July 2014 by François Deschamps, graduated from SAE Brussels Institute as sound engineer, the brand begins its activities by maintenance and reparation of audio material. The conception of guitars and bass cabinets but also their personalization (tolex, grillcloth, choice of loud speakers, etc) remains Invaders Amps’ second. Finally, this enterprise’s specialty is the customization.

Four years later, after researches and preparation in this area, the first amplifier from Invaders Amps: the 720 Britt with two channels Clean and Drive, reaching a power of 20W. Everything goes quickly, the 850 Devil is released few months later, followed by the 535 BlueGrass.

The repairs, the custom cabinets and amplifiers’ head are the winning trio for Invaders Amplification!

Why play on Invaders Amp?

Simply to have a unique tone and a quality product, totally handmade in Belgium.
Mounted on turret board as in the years 50s, 60s or / and mounted on PCB of quality, you will find an incomparable quality and an incomparable reliability.
We are not a chain production, but we always manufacture in a handwork and familial aspect.
Listen to each musicians is important for Invaders Amps. We give you your custom amp.

Electronic workshop

Customise workshop

Assembling / Test

"INVADERS AMPS made a dream come true! With the INVADERS 805 MAYHEM I can get the brain cracking sound I need to deliver the chaos and the madness we spread on stage!
50 Watts of pure power and aggression trapped inside an amplifier coming straight from the depths of insanity!"

Max MayhemEvil Invaders

The Devil 850 seduced me in two notes. It has all the qualities of a modern amp head,
precision and power, crystal clean channel, crunch and a high-gain channel of high quality but it also has this soul supplement and a clean amps heat Vintage. The best of both worlds in one head! "

Pierre LateurBlack Mirrors

I can describe my 950 Bad'As in 2 words : Precise & powerful. It is really adapted to my style of playing (rock), while staying polyvalent enough to perform well in other genres. To me, it's also the perfect compromise between vintage and modern amps : A warm sound with a super high-quality built.

Claire Genoud

I just love my 535 Bluegrass. It’s the perfect clean platform for my pedals . Simplicity is the key here. 1 channel from clean, to crunch and more ...
35w is more than you need, and you can still crank the amp for that « sweet spot » we’re all looking for.
Influenced by this great clean 6L6 sound from California, but handbuilt in Belgium … what’s not to love ?

Antoine Goudeseune