535 BlueLemon

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“I am British but not too much” is a slogan that could fit the 535 BlueLemon!

We take the standards of the 535 BlueGrass but with a drier “British” tone and a sharper, more incisive crunch that will transport you to the classic rock sounds of the sixties and seventies.

Mounted with EL34 power tubes, the amp will keep a beautiful clean. The best of both worlds?

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Sweep : medium boost
Bright switch : brightens the tone
Crunch Switch : Adjust your gain for the clean/crunch
Stand-by Switch
Speaker Output
Power switch 35W / 17W

The 535 BlueLemon is loaded with powerful features and  great versatility

The amp has a bass and treble controls to sculpt your sound and a Sweep switch to work the mids. Keep in mind there’s a Bright switch for brightening up the highs.

Also equipped with a precise gain and volume controls that allow you to go from ultra-clean to a light crunch or natural distortion in the spirit of the seventies. Use the Crunch switch to further fine-tune your gain.

The 535 BlueLemon is equipped with a power mod switch that allows you to switch from 35W to 17W.

Powered by

35 W / 17W Full tubes
Tube Amp Doctor Premium EL34 (x2)
7025 WA HIGHGRADE (x2)
Speaker Outs
2x 4 – 1x 8 Ohm
One Channel
From a clean/crunch styled with a Fender
Masters volume
Control your volume
Classical feature: Bass and Treble
Sweep Switch
Frequency curve variation for medium boost
Bright Switch
Brightens the tone
Crunch Switch
Adjust your gain for the clean/crunch
W: 44,5cm / D: 20,5cm / H: 23 cm
10 Kg
Full customization
Make it totally yours !

Dustcover included

The 535 BlueLemon comes with a cool dustcover that fits nicely to keep it warm an cozy when you are not blasting your sound all over the place.

All accessories

Fully Customizable

We love black, we truly do, but sometimes you just need something else.  Here at Invaders all our amplifiers are handmade just for you. That why you can select any tolex, grill cloth, handles, corners or even logo you would dream to brand your amp with. And yes…that included too.

Customization options

They are using it



Antoine Goudeseune


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 44 × 22 cm

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