Selector : AmpsCabs


Simple and convenient

This switch allows you to connect from one to three amps/cabinets and switch between them.

The 3 jack inputs have a high impedance to protect tube amps when switching.

When using an 8 Ohm cabinet, the actual impedance is +/- 6.7 Ohm. In 4 Ohm, it is more like 3.3 Ohm.

You can connect amps and cabinets with a perfect impedance match to our selector OR you can also output the amps at 8 Ohm with a 16 Ohm cabinet for example, to avoid any confusion / impedance problems.

When using a loadbox, for example a Two Notes Captor©️, it is important to keep an impedance match: 8 ohm on the amp output and 8 ohm on the loadbox.

Only use one Input on the amplifiers at a time. No guitar signal bypass boxes!

Amp jack inputs: Jack inputs for amp speaker output (tubes or transistors).
Cabinet outputs: Jack outputs for cabinet speaker input
Switch Amplifiers: Select your amp
Switch Cabinet: Select your cabinet

Note : jack cable not included -> Custom Speaker Cable

Invaders Amplification assumes no responsibility for misuse of the Selector AmpsCabs and/or damage to external device.


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