950 Bad’As

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Based on the 850 Devil, the 950 is powered by EL34 tubes. Same NORMAL channel , going from clean to crunch High Gain DRIVE Channel, but with a more compressed tone and more grit.

Typical “British” amplifier, the Notch switch allows you to adjust frequencies to obtain a more “American” tone

This is the ultimate modern high gain machine !

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Power Mod Switch

50W -> 35W

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Sweep : medium boost
Masters volume for each channels
Deep : Provides deeper tone
Provides more crunch in Normal channel
Use the HI input and if your guitar gets too much gain goes LO Input
Bright switch for each channel
Notch Switch : curve in the bass frequency
Ball switch : light saturation
Footswitch for channels and Fx loop
Depth : provided extended bass for each channels

The 950 Bad’As featured a normal channel and a drive channel. Ultra versatile and powerful!

Adapted from the 850 Devil, the 950 obtains a more compressed and modern tone.

This head is mounted in EL34 tubes to accentuate playing precision and tone brilliance.

The Normal Channel is from a clean/crunch typed vintage British.

The Drive Channel is instead, a saturated channel High-Gain type with agressive gain.

Shapes your tone with switch option : Notch, adjust bass frequency and Balls, little different clipping.

The Deep switch add roundness and depth on the channel Drive. Both channels own their independent Bright switch.

Powered by

50 W Full tubes
Electro-Harmonix EL34 (x2)
7025 WA HIGHGRADE (x5)
Speaker Outs
2x 8 – 1x 16 Ohm (4 Ohm option)
Normal Channel
From a clean/crunch styled with a JCM800
Drive channel
Saturated channel High-Gain type
2 Masters volume
For each channels
Active FX Loop
For all pedals types … delay, reverb and chorus with footswitch switching
Classical feature: Bass, Medium and Treble
Notch Switch
Frequency curve variation for bass boost
Sweep Switch
Frequency curve variation for medium boost
Balls Switch
Different clipping
Bright Switch
Brightens the tone
Presence and depth
Sculpting your tone more precisely
For channel and boost
W: 53,5cm / D: 24,5cm / H: 24,5cm
15.2 Kg
Full customization
Make it totally yours !

Dustcover and footswitch included

The 950 Bad’As comes with the right footswitch (fx loop/channel depending on your needs) and a cool dustcover that fits nicely to keep it warm an cozy when you are not blasting your sound all over the place.

All accessories

Fully Customizable

We love black, we truly do, but sometimes you just need something else.  Here at Invaders all our amplifiers are handmade just for you. That why you can select any tolex, grill cloth, handles, corners or even logo you would dream to brand your amp with. And yes…that included too.

Customization options

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Gaël Liger

Claire Genoud


Eric Fage

The Roost

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 24 × 53.5 × 24 cm

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