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950 Bad’As

50W/35W - High Gain EL34

Ultra versatile and… high-gain!

The 950 Bad’As is a more compressed and modern sounding amp on a 2-channel architecture mounted in EL34. It delivers a power of 50W / 35W with a separate master volume per channel for even more versatility. The compression of the sound makes it very pleasant to play, without sacrificing the definition of your playing.

The Normal channel reveals a clean / crunchy British tone.
The Drive channel is a very high-gain, saturated type. Despite this overload of gain, the sound is still very precise and defined.

Why is it ultra versatile, you may ask? The 950 has a basic “British” tone and thanks to the Notch switch, we can adjust the frequencies to obtain a more “Californian” sound.

Possibility of payment in 3x
Standard version in stock and ready to ship
Custom 4 to 6 weeks
Premium technical support

Ultra versatile and… high-gain!

Normal & Drive Channels
British clean/crunch tone & piercing High-Gain saturation.

Adjustable Versatility Notch switch fine-tuning frequencies for a 'Californian' tone.

Enhanced Precision Bright switches for each channel and classic EQ features.

Power & Flexibility

Power Options
Switch from 50W to 35W for adaptability in any environment.

Complete Configurations
EL34 tubes (x2), 12AX7 tubes (x5), and multiple speaker outputs.

Tech specs

Make it yours

Explore ou range of included personalization options. Looking for something totally unique ?
Lets' talk !

Custom options

Included Accessories

Convenient & protective: dust cover tailored for the amp. Comes with the dedicated footswitch.

in Belgium

About Invaders Amplification
Notch Curve in the bass frequency
Sweep for medium boost
Ball for light saturation
Masters volumes for each channel
Deep for deeper tone
Crunch for normal channel
Bright Switch for each channels
Inputs high or low for gain adjustment.
Power switch 35W to 50W

Technical specifications

We use top-quality components known for their unmatched reliability, creating gear that stand the test of time.

50W / 35W Full tubes EL34 (x2) 12AX7 (x5)
Speaker Outs 2 x 4 – 2 x 8 – 1 x 16 Ohm
Normal Channel From a clean/crunch tone
Drive Channel Saturated channel High-Gain type
Master volume 2 for each channels
Active FX Loop For all pedals types … delay, reverb and chorus
Equalization Classical feature: Bass, Medium and Treble
Notch Switch Frequency curve variation for bass boost
Sweep Switch Frequency curve variation for medium boost
Balls Switch Different clipping
Sizes W: 53,5cm / D: 24,5cm / H: 24,5cm
Weight 15,2 Kg

What you buy

  • 1 x 950 Bad’As Amplifiers
  • 1 x Dustcover
  • 1 x Footswitch
  • 1 x Power cable (1.5 m)
  • 1 x Invaders Amplification Certificate
  • 1 x User manual - download
  • 2 x Years warranty (3 months for consumables)
  • 1 x Premium technical support

Samples & Reviews

Check them all


Antoine Goudeseune @ Rec'n Roll Studio

This Amp is BADASS

Sonic Drive Studio


The Guitar Division

How to order ?

Standard version

If the standard black version is your choice, you can order it through our online shop or visit one of our authorized dealers near you.

Custom version

Come and say Hi !

Sometimes it’s easier to choose your customization preferences with us. Make an appointment and discover the Invaders Amplification workshop in Belgium.

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Shipping information

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Shipping costs

Workshop Free
Belgium from 5,00 €
International from 30,00 €

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Production and delivery timelines

At Invaders Amplification, we prioritize swift delivery for our shop products, ensuring they reach you within 3 days. For customized orders, the meticulous craftsmanship takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks before your bespoke creation is crafted and dispatched to you.

around the globe

What our customers say
Nelson - Skip the Use
January 2024

With Invaders amplifiers, I am sure to always achieve the perfect tone and dynamics, whether on stage or in the studio. Moreover, they prove to be excellent pedal platforms, providing exceptional sonic flexibility. A comprehensive solution to meet all our musical requirements.

Louis Bonnet
September 2023

Exceptionnel. J'ai choisi le 535. Mes autres amplis sont relégués au rang de vulgaire casserole. Merci pour la qualité de votre travail.

Ghalia Volt
Eric Vauthier
June 2023

Invaders Amplification soutien Ghalia Volt on tour ! Le blues au son fat et gras comme l’aime Ghalia !

Gaël Ligier - Gaël Ligier
January 2024

Le 950 est une véritable machine de guerre, que ce soit au niveau de la construction ou bien du grain il est devenu la réponse au son que je cherchais depuis si longtemps!

Bruno Saget
July 2023

Je joue sur un 850 Devil depuis quelques mois et cet ampli, en plus d'être superbement réalisé, sait absolument tout faire. Du clean cristallin à la disto la plus serré ! Il est à l'aise dans toutes les configurations (studio, scène) et me suit maintenant partout.

Bravo à la team Invaders.

May 2022

Je m'y suis rendu la première fois pour un changement de lampes sur mon ampli. Excellent travail et entretien réalisé sur la bête en très peu de temps à un super tarif. N'hésitez pas à demander conseils auprès du gérant, il est très pro et connaît parfaitement son métier. Je recommande à 100% !

Cédric Vanstraelen
January 2022

Une équipe de passionnés pour des amplis passionnants. N'hésitez pas à sonner à leur porte pour essayer les bêtes.

Adn Chx
March 2022

Travail très professionnel et très à l'écoute de ses clients.
Je ne peux que recommander !