Cherry Shunpike

Cherry Shunpike hails from the north-east of France, and discovered her passion for the guitar and amplified music at the same time as her nickname in her early teens. School issues made her forget about rock’n’roll for a while, but her dormant soul revealed the overriding need to form a band as soon as she arrived in Paris.

Cherry joined the girlsband JADES in 2016, and began a race for dates and titles, slowed down for a while by the impact of the pandemic. It was then that she imagined music as the path that would lead her life, spearheaded by values such as perseverance, boldness, a desire to learn, and respect for gender equality on and off stage. JADES have released their first EP, Misnake (2018), a video clip, Be My Freak (2020), a single mixed by Jay Ruston, and they are even the heroines of a comic strip, Rockpleaser (2021) by Thomas Healstone. Cherry loves metal, hard rock, pop, film soundtracks, oldschool rap and, above all, big sound. She co-hosts the guitar-oriented podcast La Théorie des Cordes with the fabulous Gael Liger, and by day works as a backline hire agent in France for the company Newloc, which has led to a growing interest in music equipment and instruments in general, as well as playing guitar, piano, bass and singing.

Having had the opportunity to showcase the brand’s Invaders range at the Mennecy Metal Fest in 2021, Cherry is delighted to be using her very own 950 Bad’As, which she never stops trying to make roar beyond the limits of the human ear.


950 Bad’As

50W/35W - High Gain EL34


Check it out !