Eric Fage

Eric is a self-taught musician from South Belgium. Starting with the guitar at the age of 16, he has added singing et play bass guitar. Learning by playing with differents bands from Belgium and Luxembourg, he moved to the center of Belgium where he has played with bigger acts and shared experiences with many musicians from different horizons of the Belgian Metal scene.

Currently on Youtube where he does regularly covers, his new homestudio will make again his own stuff appear. His love for melodies, groove and ancient musical culture lead him to join Purple Witch where he will deliver a smashing Death Melodic and his one man band Vegvisir, exploring another universe, ancient, fantastic and mysterious, using enchanting atmospheres and a mix of age-old and modern instruments.


950 Bad’As

50W/35W - High Gain EL34


550 BlueGrass

50W/35W - 6L6 (Guitar / Bass)


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