Gaël Liger

Gael took up the guitar late in life at the age of 17, when he joined his lycée punk band. He was soon drawn to more extreme music and influenced by Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell, and after more traditional studies he went on to study at ATLA.

Passionate about equipment and eager to learn, he spent several years building up his musical culture by listening to as much music as possible and trying to modify his guitar himself, inspired by Van Halen’s experiments on the legendary Frankenstrat.

For a few years he alternated between playing in local Parisian bands and developing his network by offering guitar repair, improvement and maintenance services.

In 2017, Gael joined and also began working for the specialist press with regular contributions to the print editions of Guitar Part and Guitare Xtreme magazines.
He founded the Absent Skies project with which he released a first EP, Dispersal, and quickly began work on a second record.
The slow progress of Absent Skies enabled him to create NzgL in 2018, a solo project mixed by Pierre DANEL of Kadinja, initially intended to live solely on the web.
A line-up of talented musicians was gradually put together and the band performed for the first time in Paris with the legendary Ad Patres and Otargos.

Parallèlement à ses activités musicales, Gael co-anime la chaine youtube Le Son C’est dans les doigts avec Romain de Guitar Cook TV, il a l’occasion d’essayer un ampli Invaders lors du tournage d’une vidéo et tombe littéralement amoureux du grain et du son de celui-ci.

In 2021, Gael joins the Invaders Amplification family and uses a 950 Bad’As for NzgL and also for another project which should see the light of day in June 2021.


950 Bad’As

50W/35W - High Gain EL34


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