Skip The Use

Skip The Use is a music group hailing from Lille, France, formed in 2008. Featuring Mat Bastard on vocals, Yan Stefani on guitar, Nelson Martins on bass, and Enzo Gabert on drums, the band delivers an energetic blend of rock, electro, and punk.

Their self-titled debut album in 2009 established them as emerging talents in the rock scene, but it was with “Can Be Late” in 2011, especially the single “Ghost,” that they achieved broader success. Skip The Use is also renowned for their electrifying live performances, characterized by Mat Bastard’s infectious energy and dynamic interaction with the audience.

This musical ensemble continues to leave its mark with an innovative approach to genre fusion and a commitment to delivering memorable stage performances.


550 BlueGrass

50W/35W - 6L6 (Guitar / Bass)


850 Devil Dual Master

50W/35W - High Gain 6L6GC


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